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The wisdom of Solomon reminds you that there are all sorts of seasons in our lives, bits of time that are set aside for certain purposes. The Bible tells us Jesus fasted and prayed for forty days in the wilderness before he was tempted by Satan, the disciples walked and learned from Jesus for three years before they began to change the world. Paul spent over thirty months in the desert growing in his faith and preparing for the future.

I want to invite you to join me in a focused season of spiritual growth. This fall our church will set aside two months to turn our attention to a special time of preaching, Bible study, group discussion, and prayer about The Holy Spirit. Children through senior adults will be united as we read God’s breathed out Word, discuss the Holy Spirit’s nature and purpose and ask how we can be a part of His work.

I am excited that you are going to participate and want to ask you to give special attention to faithfulness and active participation in worship, LifeGroup and daily time with the Lord. Seek to know God’s will and heart in a unique way. I can promise you that you will grow in relation to your willingness to do so.

Pastor Brent

How to Use this Book

Day One - READ

Read the assigned Scriptures. Use your Bible and other translations too. Note what stands out to you and what is different in the multiple translations.


Make observations about this week’s texts and seek to answer the question, “What does this say?” Read cross-references of our texts too.


Seek to answer the question, “What does the text mean?” Study the biblical interpretation so you can better know and understand the Holy Spirit.

Day Four - APPLY

Think about how the truths you have learned can become a part of your lifestyle. Ask God to fill your life with obedience and action based on His Word.

Day Five - REFLECT

Remember the Holy Spirit in your every day life. Ask God to help you turn your study into a loving devotion for the Holy Spirit and His ways.