every kid needs a church home!

One of the greatest gifts that a parent can give their child for the future is a solid faith in God, an understanding of the key stories of the Bible, and a love for the local church. In a future where there will be so much change, these gifts will provide the foundation they most need to prepare them for whatever may come. If you grew up in church, you know how valuable these gifts can be for guiding a life. If you didn’t, we would love to help you give a gift to your children that will help them long after they have left your home to build their own life. We’ve built this children’s ministry for your child. We’ve built this place so they can have a spiritual home.


Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings at The Beth James Children’s Building (BJCB), kids enter into an hour designed just for them! Together grade schoolers learn key bible scriptures and gain knowledge of God’s word under the leadership of adults who teach them bible stories in a safe, fun, and energetic environment. These role models reflect your best values and invest in your child personally as they apply God’s truth to their lives. Every Sunday counts, as we seek to really teach the 124 most important stories in the Bible to all our kids before they begin Junior High. Sunday School is a lot of fun and it gives children the blessing of godly friendships, encouragement, and accountability as they grow in their faith alongside their friends. Kids Groups Meet at 9:30 a.m. in The Tree House (2nd floor) of the BJCB.


Wednesday Evenings

After a full day of school, KidStuf is the perfect way to help your kid get over the midweek hump! This fun-packed Wednesday evening event is full of music, skits, engaging teaching, family-centered learning activities, multi-media illustrations, and some not-to-be-missed outdoor games and competitions. We begin at The Tree House across the bridge at 6:30. The program moves to different rooms across our time together and ends up outside in our kids’ outdoor family park.

On the third Wednesday of every month , we throw a giant family celebration and invite parents to join in the fun!

Hot 100 Square.png

The HOT 100 Verses are 100 key, life changing passages that we are committed to teaching kinder - 6th graders.  Each month kids are encouraged to memorize a verse in order to hide God’s word in their heart for a lifetime.