Local Missions

Kaufman County is the 40th fastest growing county in the US. People in transition are often looking for a fresh start with God, and we intend to be ready for this window of opportunity. We have built the Beth James Children’s Building and expanded Promiseland Preschool to reach these new families and make an impact in our community. Kaufman County is also the poorest county in North Texas. Poverty stands as a barrier to many who need to know Christ and to be loved and helped by His church. We continue to help strengthen both the food distribution and job training ministries of The Center. The largest group of cross-cultural lost people in Texas are Spanish speakers. Through our Hispanic Ministry, fbcespanol, our church strives to reach into this community in Kaufman County as well as helping other churches accomplish the same.


We support the work of the International Mission Board and more than 5000 missionaries who depend on cooperative giving. Our church has also identified areas where we believe we are to make a hands-on impact.

Peru - In 2016, our church began a partnership with a group of churches in Yauyos, Peru. 

Europe - In 2015, we began a partnership with a group of German churches seeking to reach their communities for Christ. Germany has the largest percentage of lost people in all of Europe. This need and our previous work and relationships in Germany give us an opportunity to help them overcome obstacles to the Gospel in their communities. We also are open to continuing our relationship with the Christians in Split, Croatia as opportunities arise.

Tanzania - Our church has had the privilege of funding the education of one of Tanzania’s strongest young evangelists and pastors. Through previous trips, Jeremiah Motomoto has become a good friend of FBC. In coming years, we will seek to enter into a long term partnership with Jeremiah and his church to encourage leaders in the area around the city of Bunda.